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[WCD] Hunt: Showdown Access

[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD posted Feb 6, 18

Hunt Showdown Closed Alpha

Savage, nightmarish monsters roam the Louisiana swamps, and you are part of a group of rugged bounty hunters bound to rid the world of their ghastly presence. Banish these creatures from our world, and you will be paid generously—and given the chance to buy more gruesome and powerful weapons. Fail, and death will strip you of both character and gear. Your experience, however, remains in your pool of hunters—called your Bloodline—always.


Hunt’s competitive, match-based gameplay mixes PvP and PvE elements to create a uniquely tense experience where your life, your character, and your gear are always on the line. At the beginning of each match, up to five teams of two set out to track their monstrous targets. Once they’ve found and defeated one of these they will receive a bounty—and instantly become a target for every other Hunter left on the map. If you don’t watch your back, you’ll find a knife in it, and your last memory will be of another team of Hunters walking away with your prize. The higher the risk, the higher the reward–but a single mistake could cost you everything.


Even in death, you will be able to progress among the ranks of Hunters via your Bloodline. Though one character may die, their experience will be transferred to your Bloodline, where it can be applied your other Hunters. If you make it off of the map alive, you will be able to use the money and experience you earn to kit out new Hunters and prepare for the next match. If you die, you lose everything but your experience.


Dark Sight allows Hunters to see into the veil between worlds, making that which cannot be seen by mortal eyes visible to those who have been initiated. Use Dark Sight when you are tracking monsters, and a ghostly light will guide you toward your next target. Dark Sight also marks players carrying a bounty, making them more vulnerable to ambush while trying to escape.

Many keys given out to the community. We still have a couple left. Contact me if interested. More exclusive access inbound.


[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD Upcoming event for this one

[WCD] Poker Night - Join the Club House

[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD posted Jan 30, 18

WCD Poker Club House

WCD Poker evening this Saturday night! Join our next poker event and progress up the WCD poker league table.

Click here for our step by step guide on how to register at the WCD Club House.

No money needed, no fee to join, WCD themed tables, in house club management and league progression table.

Starting this Saturday from 8pm (GMT+0) until very late. Put your sharp suit on, bring your beer and grab your poker chips!

Register today and play to win. 


[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD Enter WCD Club ID number: 2142906 Enter WCD Invitation Code: 44904467


[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD posted Jan 30, 18

Skull & Bones

Skull & Bones takes place in the Indian Ocean, a shared-world ocean, apparently, and in it you'll be able to play both with friends - fighting off AI pirate hunters and beasties beneath the surface - and against friends, in 5v5 player versus player combat across a variety of modes. You'll choose from a selection of ships and customise them, from a small sloop up to a giant frigate.

WCD Beta access coming soon.


[WCD] BATTALION 1944 Closed Access...

[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD posted Jan 29, 18


Battalion 1944 recaptures the core of classic competitive shooters and refines the ‘classic’ FPS feel for the next generation. Focusing on 5v5 infantry based combat, where precise flick shots with your Kar98, covering fire with your Thompson and and fluid player movement are key to clutching every round for your team. Band together and fight with your team in the premiership of competitive WW2 FPS.

Battalion is currently in development alongside the community, reconstructing Unreal Engine 4 to reintroduce classic FPS quirks to create a modern shooter that feels like an old school classic. This heart-thumping multiplayer experience is being crafted by designers who have grown up playing competitive Call of Duty, Enemy Territory and Counter Strike; alongside community feedback from professional FPS players and over 10,000 early adopters who have been shaped by the same gaming experience.

With a dedicated server browser & LAN support, plans for community modding & team based ranked stats & competitive matchmaking; Battalion 1944 is a classic competitive shooter with an emphasis on raw skill. No grinding for overpowered gameplay changing unlocks, no unfair kill streaks, just you and your skill as a player.

Battalion 1944 resurges old school FPS back into the modern gaming spotlight in the only true spiritual successor to the great multiplayer shooters of the past. In Battalion, it’s down to skilled soldiers like you to make it to the top.

Key features

Fast Paced & Intense Combat
In competitive Battalion 1944, you’re always encouraged to go for that clutch win. Become a hero and win a round 1v5, become a legend, taking a few enemies down and collecting their weapons to use in the next round before dying. Every action and every choice you make in Battalion 1944 is key for your team’s overall victory. This is competitive FPS, refined.

Casual and Competitive Gamemodes
As competitive players ourselves, we know how important it is to have a fun casual place to warm up your skills before jumping into battle. Battalion hosts multiple classic game modes alongside main competitive play, including Team Deathmatch, Domination and Capture The Flag. Matchmake into competitive and unranked matches, practice tactical grenades on LAN servers or join a buzzing community server via our dedicated server browser. You choose how you’d rather play Battalion 1944.

Join a Community of Refined FPS Players.
Our developers echo the community this game is being built for. We crave a smooth competitive shooter in the WW2 era that isn’t plagued by the corporate design decisions that don’t make sense for competitive play. We are open and honest with our community who are developing the game alongside us. Every update and every patch will significantly improve the game as we move through development. If that sounds like something you’d like to be involved with, please do join our Early Access community and get involved.

One we have been waiting for. Our access is via crowd funding. Very limited full closed access for the next 48 hours. VIP priority. Unlocked over steam until Feb 1st.

Email me and quickly or post below.

More access inbound...



[WCD] Davo aMODMANGTLEADPD posted Jan 28, 18


As requested by the community WCD launches its own CS:GO server. Available 24/7 and will be used for in house events.

Server Name: WCD CS:GO

Server IP:

Join us on Tuesday evening from 8pm in our firest community event. Prizes to be won!

Any workshop mod requests please post below.