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WestCoastDefence is a large international gaming organization. Formed over 6 and a half years ago, it has grown to over 1000 members from 46+ different countries. Originally a clan from ArmA 2, we have grown steadily by adopting many military and survival games, providing events and clan support for all our members. Today it has become a great place for older gamers to make new friends and enjoy upcoming gaming releases.

Proud that our success has come from the dedication and help of our members. We provide our gamers with TeamSpeak, game servers, competitions, social media, game testing and continued event focus. 

Six and a half years on, WestCoastDefence is a recognized gaming organization and clan tag, with a legacy of being the biggest clan on any game we adopt. Known by indie developers, we are established in public relations and we will continue to adopt the games that our members want to play.

Join us today.

WCD Official Discord https://discord.gg/W8rt8td

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