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IEMC 2019

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

WCD members have been designing every part of its Star Citizen organization since March 2014. Between our Star Citizen players we have collectively over ten thousand dollars of of ships. With 30 organization members presently, we plan to grow our org into a multifaceted private military corp.

With over 60 fleet ships including the Hammerhead Corvette

What's happening in 2019?

  • Starting every fortnight from Wednesday 27/2/19, we will hold events to practice ground and flying combat. Next event scheduled for 6/3/19. Whether that's two org members or 20 the event happens.

  • Our formal removal of our IEMC forums from WCD website and our formal set up of IEMC on RSI's spectrum.

  • Adopting spectrum is planning for the future. We can do everything star citizen there.

  • Reaching out to old org mates to come back and train with us. Restart recruitment and be playing fortnightly.

  • Application for roles to fill officer positions. Capital ship play will take dedicated players. This structure I've written and will be the first information on spectrum.

  • I will attend Citizen Con this year.

Why Adopt Spectrum?

RSI’s Spectrum is an integrated community and player interaction service, including chat, forums, game integration, and Player Organization facilities. It makes sense that all IEMC details, events and announcements are part of this platform. Eventuially all our org information can be accessed in game too.

About IEMC- Our Goal

Imperium Elite is a professional private military company. Our organization follows a military rank structure with major fleet decisions decided by our Fleet Command. Our aim is to be a premium reputable military organization for freelance security, protection, anti piracy and escort mission contracts.

Example Artwork below-

Read More and Join Today

Read all manifesto and charter information about IEMC right here.

Check our website event calendar for upcoming events.

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